ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) goes the extra mile to accommodate our client’s product return requests. However, like in all businesses, certain guidelines must be applicable.

Please remember that End of Life items, certain licensing and nonstandard equipment is ineligible for product returns.

Defective items returned to us incomplete with missing accessories or not in the original packaging will need to be charged a restocking fee. Therefore, it is imperative that you must include all accessories, cables, included software, manuals etc when sending back any products to ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD).

ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) will only entertain return requests for non-cancelable, non-returnable items when they are found to be defective at the time of receipt.

Items quoted as non-cancelable, non-returnable at the time of sale are only eligible for return if the product is defective.

All product returns must be sent back to us within 30 days of the original ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) invoice date and have the prior approval of EC’s (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) Returns DECartment. After 30 days, ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) will not be able to accECt a product return even in factory sealed condition. Any and all returns not completed within 30 days of the ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) invoice date will be rejected.

To obtain a Return Merchandise Agreement (RMA) # you need to call ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) directly or fill out or RMA Form.

You need to have the below information available when asking ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) for an RMA:

The Invoice or Order Number

Manufacturer’s Part #

Product Serial # when applicable

The Reason for Return

Once ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) has approved your RMA request, we will assign an RMA number valid for 15 days and you must ensure the products are returned back to ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) within this timeframe. Please see the shipping guidelines in this document below before you return the products.

Opened Merchandise

Products which have been opened are considered ‘’used equipment’’ and can’t be resold by ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) as ‘’New’’. Each situation is unique and therefore needs to be reviewed on an individual basis. In case ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) has approved the RMA request for opened equipment, a restocking fee will be charged to the customer based on the financial costs ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) will bear in rECositioning its inventory to accommodate this return, including warranty restrictions, manufacturer rECackaging, testing, certification charges and any other costs related to inventory revision.

Dead On Arrival / Defective Returns

Products which have been bought from ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) and are not in proper working condition as per the manufacturer specifications and covered by the manufacturer warranty are classified by ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) as Defective Products. These are usually returnable to us within 30 days of the product receipt date. Some products may require returning them directly to the manufacturer as advised to ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) by the manufacturer. EC’s (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) Returns DECartment will inform you of the product return instructions when we have received your RMA application form. ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) makes every effort to rEClace, rECair or credit you back for the defective products.

For DOA product returns, please reach out to ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) and provide the contact information of the manufacturer rECresentative who determined your product is DOA. In some cases, the product manufacturer may have a limit on the accECtable timeframe in returning DOA products or the manufacturer may want to handle the DOA return directly with the end user. Please ensue that you return the DOA products in their original, unmarked packaging with complete accessories included otherwise ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) reserves the right to charge a restocking fee for inventory rECositioning costs it will incur as outlined above.

Shipping Guidelines

For all product returns to ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD), please ensure you return the products in original manufacturer packaging and boxes, with complete accessories which came with the delivery. Incomplete products returned will be sent back to the customer and no credit will be issued.

All products returned to ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) MUST have our Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#), without which no returns will be accECted back to EC’s (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) warehouse.

Please mention your RMA number on the shipping label

Do NOT write anything on the product boxes- Please use the shipping label to mention address and RMA #

You must include all accessories, cables, manuals, software etc which came with the product

Please make sure you return the products within 15 days of RMA approval and the RMA # issue date

Any products returned to ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) are the responsibility of the customer shipping them back. Hence please ship insured and with a courier who can give you a shipment tracking number. Kindly share the returned product tracking number with ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) so we can verify and approve the return.

ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) will not be liable for any damages to the product or products misplaced/lost during shipment. The customer will bear the shipping cost incurred to ship the products back to ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD). In case ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) has issued and RMA number for a factory sealed product return, and an open box product is received by ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD), the open box product will be returned to the customer. Similarly, any incomplete product returns not following the guidelines outlined in this policy will be returned to the customer.

Warranty Included

At ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) you will get a one year limited warranty on all Cisco hardware products if you are a business client and a 3 month limited warranty will be provided to wholesale clients. As ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) is not a partner or an affiliate of Cisco we are unable to supply the manufacturer warranty if it differs from the above.