At ECPROF (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) we pledge to safeguard your personal information which we collect online. In the below document, we will elaborate how and why we use cookies. It outlines how this helps us improve your customer experience. It also informs you the different ways you can manage which cookies are saved on your device.

When you use our website you agree to this Cookies Policy and the terms and conditions specified herein.

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Definition and Purpose of Cookies

Cookies are simply small files containing some information which are downloaded to your device when you use our website. These files are then sent back to our website, or a third party website which is able to recognize the cookie file. The purpose of these cookies is to remember your preferences and improve your online user experience while on our website.

Session Cookies

Session Cookies will be stored on your device only for the duration of your visit and are automatically removed from your device as soon as you close your browser. Session Cookies allow our website to see which pages on our website you are visiting which helps us improve basic usability and security for our website. Session Cookies also help us ensure the security of your online ordering sessions and can keEC you logged in to your account on our website while you browse other pages on the website. Our Session Cookies are secure and developed to be extremely difficult to read, modify, access or use excECt by us for the purpose of keECing your online ordering sessions active. Our Session Cookies will store none of your personal identifiable information.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent Cookies remain on your device after you close your browser and allow us to remember your preferences and choices. These may also be used by us to give you targeted ads based on your devices’ browsing history on our website. At EC (ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) we use Persistent Cookies to remember your login credentials to our website so you don’t need to manually enter it each time you wish to login to your account on our website. We also use Persistent Cookies to help us understand how customers arrive on our website and use our website so we can improve the customer online ordering experience.

First Party Cookies are set by our website when you visit. All other cookies are Third Party Cookies . We may use both. Please see below for more information on these.

Essential Cookies are necessary to help you navigate our website and benefit fully from its features, and securing your online ordering experience. Without these cookies we are not able to provide you with services including managing your account and requesting our assistance online. Essential Cookies will not save your personal information for marketing purposes.