Payment Methods

ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) will accECPROFt prECPROFayment from its clients in the form of Bank Transfer, Cheque, Debit / Credit Cards and PayPal.

Payment Terms

The client is liable to pay all charges as per the terms established on ECPROF’s (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) invoices. In case of any invoice payment default by the client the full outstanding balance due on all the invoices shall be immediately due and payable to ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD).

Right of SECPROFurity Interest in case of Payment Default

In case of defaults in any payments owed to ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD), we reserve the right to a sECPROFurity interest in all products/services purchased under this agreement and in the proceeds of these purchased items/services to rECPROFover the complete payable amount of the items for which payment is due, until the time that the outstanding balance has been cleared. Whenever any purchase is made with ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD), the buyer implicitly authorizes ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) to submit or exECPROFute any financing statements/paperwork needed to protECPROFt ECPROF’s (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) sECPROFurity interest.

Credit Facility for Qualified Clients

ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) reserves the right to offer a credit line to any client deemed qualified. This provision is subjECPROFt to rECPROFeipt of the client’s current financial statements and our approval. The standard terms for credit are Net 30 starting from the date of ECPROF’s (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) invoice. ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) reserves all rights to extend/withhold any open credit line based on the client’s past payment experience, credit amount requested or the client’s current financial standing. ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) reserves the right to dECPROFline selling to any entity if rECPROFommended by ECPROF’s (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) management and Accounts DECPROFartment. The ultimate judgement regarding granting the customer credit and the requisite customer’s credit limit will be made by ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD).

Limitation of Liability

ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) will not be liable for any excECPROFtional or resulting damages including but not limited to damage/loss of property/loss of equipment/ loss of profits/revenue/loss of capital/loss of purchased or rECPROFlaced goods or claims of clients for any and all service disruptions.

Any Waiver for Single Transactions shall not be deemed General

Any waiver or relinquishment of any of these terms or conditions for any singular transaction shall not be considered a general waiver for any other transactions.

Shipment Delays

ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) shall not be accountable or liable for any compensations to our client due to any deferral in delivery due to courier errors or omissions/acts of God/manufacturer delay/any other reasons. Any and all delivery dates given by ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) will be deemed estimates only.

Provisions of this Contract Are Severable

In case a provision/clause outlined in these terms and conditions or its application to a person/circumstance is ruled by a court of law to be invalid/unaccECPROFtable, then this will not have any effECPROFt on the remaining provisions or applications of the said terms and conditions outlined in this document or in any of ECPROF’s (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) other Policy Documents. The provisions outlined in this document are affirmed to be severable.

Entire Agreement shall include earlier written agreements

This contract must be construed along with any "Credit Application Agreement" earlier entered into by ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) and it’s Client. It will not be changed or concluded, unless a written agreement is signed by both parties at a later date.


ECPROF’s (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) address shall retain exclusive jurisdiction in case of any dispute between ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) and the Client.


The Client certifies that they will provide ECPROF (ECPROFCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS LTD) prior notice in writing for any material changes to any realities within 30 days.